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practice ePractice workshop: eHealth Business Modelling

ePractice workshop: eHealth Business Modelling

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Location: Brussels (Belgium)
Date: 22 June 2012

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To prepare for the large scale deployment of eHealth services under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), this workshop will explore different business models supporting European-wide eHealth services. This requires to also examine the need for ensuring cross-border connectivity, i.e. to consider all layers of interoperability (functional, semantic and technical) in order to facilitate such services. Discussions will start from the Smart Open Services for European Patients (epSOS) experience and explore future opportunities to build on this.

In order to enable cross-organisational & cross-border information flows for further clinical needs/scenarios such as chronic disease management (e.g. a chronic disease tailored summary) being addressed by SemanticHealthNet.

Business Modelling (BM) will explore issues such as:

  • Type of cross-border services to be deployed, and their drivers
  • Drivers for cross-organisational interoperability and shared care services
  • Identification of value propositions for each stakeholder groups such as private and public actors (EU, Member States, regions, local authorities, insurance companies, patients/citizens, healthcare providers, industry, etc.)
  • Financing models including pricing and revenue models

Special attention will be given to the maintenance of the required infra- and info-structure (incl. subsets of terminologies, multilingual semantic assets, terminology servers, technical specifications, open source components, national reference/contact points, quality requirements of EHR).


ePractice workshop: eHealth Business Modelling

Charlemagne Building, Room: Sicco Mansholt (MANS), Brussels, Belgium
Friday 22 June 2012
08:30 -09:30Registration & Coffee
09:30 - 12:00

Welcome & setting the scene
Moderator: Dipak Kalra,  EuroRec, SemanticHealthNet
Benoit Abeloos, European Commission & Dipak Kalra, EuroRec, SemanticHealthNet

Introduction to the workshop & the political background of the CEF
Peteris Zilgalvis, Head of Unit ICT for Health, DG INFSO, European Commission

Business Modelling (BM) concepts: An introduction
  • BM approach: Danielle Dupont, Data Mining International
  • BM & interoperability of eHealth solutions: Karl Stroetmann, empirica, SemanticHealthNet
Coffee Break
Business cases
  • epSOS project: Ensuring long term sustainability, the open source model and cost of operations: Jeremy Thorp, NHS  Information Reporting Services, epSOS & Anni Buhr, Danish National Board of eHealth, epSOS
  • The challenges of developing, funding & sustaining semantic interoperability assets: Dipak Kalra, EuroRec, SemanticHealthNet
  • Towards a European virtual organisation: Veli Stroetmann, empirica, SemanticHealthNet
Q & A Session - Discussion
12:00 - 13:00Lunch Break
13:00 - 17:00

The business case for interoperability enabling cross-border/cross-organisational information flows
Working Session Facilitator: Danielle Dupont, Data Mining International

Introduction to working session objectives & approach:  Danielle Dupont
1. Technical interoperability; thought provoking statements by:
o    Technical infrastructure perspective: Andreas Grode, Gematik GmbH
o    Industry view: Charles Parisot, Maarten Festen IHE, epSOS Industry Team coordinator
o    European challenges: Georges De Moor,  EuroRec, SemanticHealthNet

Coffee Break
Working Session & Discussion: Developing the business case for technical interoperability

2. Semantic interoperability; thought provoking statements by:
o    Semantic interoperability perspective: Giorgio Cangioli, epSOS Task Force Semantics
o     Licensing models: Jan-Eric Slot, International Health Terminology Standards Development  Organisation
o    Insurer perspective: Jan Van Emelen, Association Internationale de la Mutualité

Working Session & Discussion:  Developing the business case for semantic interoperability
17:00 - 17:15Summary & outlook: Dipak Kalra, EuroRec, SemanticHealthNet

How to get there


Charlemagne Building

Room: Sicco Mansholt (MANS)

Rue de la Loi 170,

B-1000 Brussels

Rue de la Loi 170,
Brussels, Belgium
Presentation and Documents
Presentation and Documents

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