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Home > News > BG: The National Programme ‘Digital Bulgaria 2015’ aims at making 75 % of the population use the Internet > BG: The National Programme ‘Digital Bulgaria 2015’ aims at making 75 % of the population use the Internet

practice BG: The National Programme ‘Digital Bulgaria 2015’ aims at making 75 % of the population use the Internet

BG: The National Programme ‘Digital Bulgaria 2015’ aims at making 75 % of the population use the Internet

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Posting Date
4 July 2012
Last Edited Date
4 July 2012
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ePractice Editorial Team (EUROPEAN DYNAMICS SA) | Belgium

The Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications (MTITC) has put the draft National Programme ‘Digital Bulgaria 2015’ to public consultation.

Among other goals, the draft 'Digital Bulgaria 2015' Programme is aimed at making 75 % of the Bulgarian population use the Internet in 2015, and at providing 35 % of the connectivity by means of fixed broadband lines. The programme relies on a fast Internet connection speeds equal to or greater than 30 Mb/s, which will apply to at least 90 % of fixed lines. Fibre optic broadband will be installed at all schools and health premises; the minimum speed is expected to be 20 Mb/s.

The Operational Programme ‘Regional Development 2007-2013’ has provided a €20 million financial aid for the establishment of broadband access in remote rural areas. €7.5 million will be granted for the construction and improvement of centres for information and communication services that will provide health advice, business support and municipal services.

The national programme ‘Digital Bulgaria 2015’ will also focus on eGovernment services. The Ministry has implemented three projects under the ‘Administrative Capacity 2007-2013’ Operational Programme in this area: ‘Development of Administrative eServices’, ‘Improvement of services to citizens and businesses at the Ministry of Transportation, Information Technologies and Communications through the development of eGoverment in the field of spatial data and services’ and ‘Improving administrative customer service by building central eGovernment systems'. The goal is to ensure online service quality, to improve and integrate interoperable information systems and to enable different public authorities to exchange data within the central administration.

The Operational Programme ‘Human Resources Development 2007-2013’ has implemented 12 procedures for granting financial assistance aimed at accelerating the deployment of ICT within several public administrations.

The draft 'Digital Bulgaria 2015' document reflects the trends of information society in Europe by 2015. Participants in the programme are all governmental bodies and agencies concerned with ICT projects, as well as public-private partnerships between public authorities and the private sector, professional IT organisations and educational institutions.

The programme requires each public administration department to implement the administrative and financial measures indicated in the document ‘Digital Bulgaria 2015’, as well as to attract European funding programmes.

The directions of the ‘Digital Bulgaria 2015’ draft national programme are:

  • Dynamic Digital Single Market;
  • Interoperability and standards;
  • Trust and confidence;
  • High and ultra high speed Internet access;
  • Research and Innovation;
  • Enhancing digital literacy: skills for the use of ICT and inclusion in the digital society;
  • Benefits of ICT in European society;
  • International aspects.

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