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practice NL: Online forum created for the chronically ill

NL: Online forum created for the chronically ill

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Posting Date
15 November 2011
Last Edited Date
15 November 2011
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ePractice Editorial Team (EUROPEAN DYNAMICS SA) | Belgium

An online forum for the chronically ill has been launched, it was announced on 28 October 2011. The portal Iemandzoalsik.nl (literally, 'someone like me') provides a place to share the knowledge, experiences and emotions involved in living with a chronic illness, and is aimed not only at patients, but also their families, carers and other stakeholders.

The aim of the website is to improve the patients' quality of life. Patients can learn from each other and support each other, but also together they can laugh at the hilarious situations that they sometimes end up in. Whether the person has severe asthma or the muscle disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), if they are in a wheelchair, they often come up against the same things.

The Iemandzoalsik.nl website is an initiative of the Netherlands Association of Neuromuscular Diseases (Vereniging Spierziekten Nederland - VSN), the Association of Rheumatism Patients (ReumapatiƃĀ«ntenbond) and the Asthma Foundation (Astma Fonds). This cooperation is not commercially oriented, and guarantees everyone's privacy. Each user remains in control of their own data.

In the near future the platform will be expanded by incorporating the needs and wishes identified in user feedback. Other patient groups will also be given the opportunity to join.


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