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practice CZ: IZIP registered users increased by 94 % in 2010

CZ: IZIP registered users increased by 94 % in 2010

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As of 25 January 2011, there are more than 2.5 million users registered at the electronic health records (EHRs) of the IZIP system (EZK, in Czech), signifying that Czech citizens take an active interest in their health. The number of IZIP users in 2010 increased by 94 % as compared to 2009.

At the end of 2010, IZIP counted 2 400 128 insured citizens, in contrast to 1 235 086 in December 2009. IZIP also experienced a significant rise in health professionals during the same time period, from 11 603 to 17 534, or 51 %. 101 out of a total of 191 hospitals in the Czech Republic make use of the electronic health record system. Nearly one in four people in the region of Bohemia benefit from the IZIP system. Doctors who use IZIP have instant access to comprehensive patient information, thus enabling them to offer better patient care which results in speedier recovery times and quicker returns to active life.

As such, a key component of IZIP is its day-to-day usage by health professionals and medical facilities. "During 2010 we were able to significantly increase the number of registered health workers, and it is a noteworthy success for the electronic health records of our clients to be expanding dynamically." said IZIP Ltd. sales manager Michal Dvořák. He added: "This year we will focus even more on improving quality by structuring the data in the IZIP system, mainly laboratory tests and the records of issued medicines. Our job is to point out the advantages of using IZIP, one being that it allows doctors to access the system at the time and point of care. Cooperating with the health community has its own particulars, and in many cases, the challenge for us is that we are prepared to accept that IZIP is voluntary. We greatly appreciate doctors' willingness to participate in the project, which leads to the advancement of our health system."

An electronic health record system benefits all actors in the health system. Patients can review test results and subsequent treatment, which motivates them to seek prevention; doctors receive extensive background information about a patient in real time; and health insurance companies can more efficiently allocate resources depending on doctor-patient needs.

"For us, an annual increase in the number of users by more than one million constitutes a historically exceptional growth. The system is constantly developing, and last year we offered our clients such innovative features as a certified vaccination schedule, preventive examinations and the possibility of tracking the body mass index (BMI)." said Jiří Pašek, director of IZIP Ltd. "A new dimension for clients, one which I believe they value, is our involvement in the European eHealth project epSOS, which aims to facilitate cross-border interoperability between electronic health record systems in Europe."

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