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practice GR: Free geospatial data available online at geodata.gov.gr

GR: Free geospatial data available online at geodata.gov.gr

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The geodata.gov.gr website constitutes the first governmental attempt to make the geospatial data of the wider public administration sector available online and free-of-charge for all citizens. The website has been piloted since 21 July 2010 and has been regularly updated.

As stated on the homepage of the website, the public administration data has been produced and/or purchased using the Greek citizens' money; therefore, the same citizens should have access to them without any institutional or technical barriers.

Ensuring that the public administration data is open brings the following advantages:

  • Effective citizen control. For any decision of the public administration which is based on laws and information on the geospatial data in its possession, if all can have access to these data, the accuracy and validity of the decisions of public administration can be controlled.
  • Environment protection. Thanks to the access to aerial photographs and satellite images of the country combined with other geospatial data such as protected areas, the seashore, reforested areas, etc., any citizen can identify possible illegal acts and notify the public administration.
  • Reduction of resource waste in the public administration. The public administration was not aware of the geospatial data it possessed until a few months ago; this resulted in re-ordering these data. Moreover, some public bodies refuse to provide other public bodies with geospatial data.
  • Competitiveness improvement. The data of public administration is useful for the development of new products, the improvement of services for businesses, the reduction of costs for goods and services, the investments in the country, and in many others sectors.

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