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practice EU: Next ePractice Journal issue - Call for papers on eAccessibility

EU: Next ePractice Journal issue - Call for papers on eAccessibility

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Posting Date
9 April 2010
Last Edited Date
20 April 2010
EU Institutions
Submitted By
ePractice Editorial Team (EUROPEAN DYNAMICS SA) | Belgium

The objective of the forthcoming edition of the ePractice Journal (tenth edition) is to showcase the state of the art, present examples of best practice and highlight the challenges of eAccessibility implementation in the Information Society. The deadline for article submissions is 10 May 2010.

This issue of the journal calls for contributions from scholars, industry, users and practitioners in all areas of eAccessibility, such as:

  • eAccessibility - Guidelines, Standards, Policy, Legislation and Implications;
  • eAccessibility - Economic and Business Implications;
  • Assistive Technologies, Accessible Human Computer Interaction and Accessibility of Emerging Non-classical User Interfaces (Web and Software Accessibility);
  • User Needs, Assessment, Usability and User Involvement;
  • Pervasive Computing and Ambient Assisted Living;
  • eService Accessibility (e.g. eGovernment, eVoting, eLearning, Self-Service Terminals...).

Over the last decades the advancements in Assistive Technologies (AT) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have significantly influenced the life of people with disabilities. Changes in awareness and understanding of disability as well as social and legal frameworks, driven by Disability Rights and Independent Living Movements, led to what is known as eAccessibility today. The more ICT and AT evolve, people with disabilities are enabled to take part in more areas of life more independently.

However, eAccessibility is not only a question of providing more efficient AT and special services for people with disabilities. eAccessibility first of all addresses mainstream services and the possibilities of participation which depends on taking accessibility requirements and guidelines into account. eAccessibility is addressed as a requirement towards mainstream systems and. Standards and laws underline the growing awareness and importance of eAccessibility as a requirement for such mainstreaming.

European policy initiatives that support such implementation include: the Riga Ministerial Declaration, the EC/Parliament/Council Communication "Towards an accessible information society", the Action Plan for Ageing Well in the Information Society, the Disability Action Plan, the eInclusion Initiative, Mandate 376 (procurement of ICT goods and services), Mandate 420 (Built Environment i2010), as well as many national or bilateral activities. 


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