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practice CIP Workshop: Funding opportunities in ICT for Health, Ageing Well & Inclusion

CIP Workshop: Funding opportunities in ICT for Health, Ageing Well & Inclusion

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Location: Borschette Conference Centre, Brussels (Belgium)
Date: 17 February 2012

Basic info

Domain and topic:
Expected participants:
200 maximum capacity - Additional participants will be added on a waiting list
Yes, participation has no cost



Due to increased numbers of participants the waiting list is also full.

For those unable to attend, the morning session will also be web-streamed via:  http://scic.ec.europa.eu/str/index.php?sessionno=42853a61b26fef79e2ae788....


Please note: The event has now reached its maximum capacity of 200 persons. Registered participants above this number will be added on a waiting list and informed via email in due course.

Priority for attendance will be given to attendees wishing to present their project and hold consultations with European Commission representatives.


In the frame of the Competitiveness & Innovation Programme ICT Policy Support  Programme (CIP ICT PSP) and as a follow-up to the CIP Info Day (3 February 2012), the European Commission is organising a one-day information and networking workshop dedicated to Theme 3 of the CIP ICT PSP (ICT for Health, Ageing Well and Inclusion).

The workshop provides an excellent opportunity for prospective programme applicants to put their questions directly to the European Commission, present their ideas to stakeholders, meet potential partners and learn more about the state of the art and the broader policy context.

The event will take place on 17 February 2012 at the European Commission's Borschette Conference Centre in Brussels from 09:00 – 17:15.


The workshop has been designed to optimise the opportunities for participants by incorporating information sessions, parallel showcasing sessions, networking opportunities and one-to-one meetings. Check out the Agenda below and plan your day.


During the morning session the European Commission will present the seven objectives on ICT for Health, Ageing Well and Inclusion, putting them into the wider policy context and answering questions from interested participants who wish to submit projects for funding.


During the afternoon session there will be two parallel sessions for potential applicants to showcase their ideas to potential partners in a 5 minute slot using 3 presentation slides. Kindly note that due to time restrictions, the number of presentations will be strictly limited, therefore potential presenters should:

1. Register early (only those with a valid registration via ePractice will be eligible to present)

2. Prepare maximum 3 slides highlighting: who you are, your project idea - and which objective it relates to, who you are looking for

3. Submit slides by 10 February 2012 at the latest

Successful applications will receive a confirmation in advance of the event. 

Note that: Presentations must clearly address one of the 7 Objectives falling under Theme 3 and be strictly limited to 3 slides and a maximum of 5 minutes. Presenters may be asked to modify presentations which do not entirely fulfil these criteria. Presentations which are submitted late or which include more than 3 slides will be rejected.


Registered participants also have the opportunity to sign up for a 10minute one-to-one appointment with a Commission representative to discuss their ideas. Appointments will be scheduled on a first-come first-served basis (see "how to register" below) and take place during the afternoon session. Applicants will be informed in advance of the time of their consultation.


As well as being able to meet potential partners face-to-face at the workshop itself, participants can also take part in some pre-workshop networking from 1 February 2012 via the IDEAL-IST website.


Participation at the event is free, but requires prior registration. We strongly recommend that you register early to reserve your place. As there are a limited number of seats, places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

To proceed with your registration please log in and click on the orange ‘Participate in this event’ button on the right hand side of this page.

Once registered online, participants will be contacted by email by the ePractice Communication Team with options to showcase ideas and book one-to-one appointment(s) with European Commission representatives.

Deadlines to remember:

• Submission of final presentations (3 slides): 10 February 2012

• Registration to workshop via ePractice: 14 February 2012

• Workshop date: 17 February 2012

For further assistance and queries please feel free to contact the ePractice Communication Team Eleni.Galyfianaki@eurodyn.com and Vassilia.Orfanou@eurodyn.com.


CIP Workshop: Funding opportunities in ICT for Health, Ageing Well & Inclusion
Albert Borschette Conference Centre, Brussels,
36 Rue Froissart, B- 1040, Rooms AB-1A + AB-1D
08.30 - 09.00Registration

Morning Session: Information on Theme 3 Objectives
Presentation of each of the seven objectives by EC representatives, putting them into the wider policy context followed by Questions & Answers

09.00 - 09.10Welcome & Introduction by the European Commission
09.10 - 09.20Presentation of Objective 3.1
Wide deployment of integrated care services
09.20 - 09.30Q & A on Objective 3.1
09.20 - 09.30Presentation of Objective 3.2
 Towards open and personalised solutions for active and independent living
09.30 - 09.40Q & A on Objective 3.2
09.40 - 09.50Presentation of Objective 3.3
Digital capacity and skills
09.50 - 10.00Q & A on Objective 3.3
10.00 - 10.10Presentation of Objective 3.4
Fall prevention network for older persons
10.10 - 10.20Q&A on Objective 3.4
10.20 - 10.50Coffee Break
10.50 - 11.00Presentation of Objective 3.5
Large scale deployment of telehealth services for chronic conditions management
11.00 - 11.10Q&A on Objective 3.5
11.10 - 11.20Presentation of Objective 3.6
Adoption, taking up & testing of standards & specifications for eHealth interoperability
11.20 - 11.30Q & A on Objective 3.6
11.30 - 11.40Presentation of Objective 3.7
Community Building on Active and Healthy Ageing
11.40 - 11.50Q & A on Objective 3.7
11.50 - 12.00Next steps and wrap up of morning session
12:00 - 13:30Buffet Lunch - Networking opportunities
13:30 - 17:00Afternoon Session: Showcasing & Testing Ideas
Objectives 3.1, 3.2, 3.5Objectives 3.3, 3.4, 3.6, 3.7
13.30 - 14.30Objective 3.1: Showcases13.30 - 14.15Objective 3.3 Showcases
14.30 - 15.30

Objective 3.2: Showcases

14.15 - 15.00Objective 3.7 Showcases
-15.00 - 15.45Objective 3.6 Showcases
15.30 – 16.15Coffee Breaks
16.00 – 17.00Objective 3.5 Showcases16.15 – 17.00 Objective 3.4 Showcases
17.00 – 17.15Wrap Up & Next Steps (EC)

17.00 – 17.15

Wrap Up & Next Steps (EC)
            One-to-One appointments (in parallel with session above)

13.15 – 14.30

Objective 3.512.30 - 14.15 & 15:00 - 15:45

Objective 3.7

14.30 – 15.30Objective 3.114.15 – 16.15Objective 3.3
12.30 – 14.30Objective 3.215.00 – 16.00Objective 3.4
- - 12.15 – 13.30Objective 3.6

How to get there


Albert Borschette Conference Centre, Brussels, Belgium

36 Rue Froissart, B-1040

Rooms AB-1A + AB-1D

36 Rue Froissart, B-1040 Brussels
Presentation and Documents
Presentation and Documents

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