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practice ePractice workshop: Open Source: Its place in a cross-border environment

ePractice workshop: Open Source: Its place in a cross-border environment

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Location: Brussels (Belgium)
Date: 7 April 2011

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Some 20 years in the software industry already, open source software is now much more than just a few weird fellows trying to break free from commercial software. This workshop invites all Open Source stakeholders and public administrations, and especially those linked to European Union funded initiatives, to discuss the quality dimension of open source with special focus in the use of open source by public administrations. The workshop is supported by the ePractice.eu and the OSOR.eu communities and it will be held in Brussels, on Thursday 7 April 2011. Information about this workshop can also be found through the OSOR. eu platform. The workshop topics can be grouped in two major directions:

Licensing issues:

o How to choose an Open Source software product for professional use

o Re-using OSS from other public administrations and the implications of licensing

o How to agree on a license for a cross border development of OSS

o The effect of open source licenses to the software development process

Software production perspectives:

o OSS production quality improvement

o Documenting Open Source Software o OSOR.eu contribution to communities, licensing and collaborative development and re-use

o How to set up a project on OSOR.eu, set up roles and manage contributions

Additional subjects falling within the umbrella of the workshop’s topic in general are also welcome based on potential speaker proposals. For further information, please download the call for participation that is available in the section presentations & documents.

Important deadlines to remember: (please note the deadlines have been extended)

• Summary (1 page) & 4 presentation slides to be submitted by 29 March 2011

• Speaker confirmation by 30 March 2011

• Final presentations (6 slides) 4 April 2011

Speakers/Audience: This workshop is open to anyone interested in the area of Open Source, in public administrations as well as businesses and/or citizens who interact with them: cross-border project implementers; developers of Open Source software; stakeholders in FP6 and FP7 research projects; researchers; businesses; European Commission officers; ePractice members etc.


To register for this workshop, please create an ePractice account at http://www.epractice.eu/en/user/register if you are not a current member. Subsequently, kindly login and once you are in this page click the yellow button that reads "participate in this workshop" to activate your registration. ePractice members can simply login and click on the same page as described above.

Submission of summaries / Presentation slides:

To be considered for a speaker placement kindly submit a summary of one page and four presentation slides of your intended presentation to events@eurodyn.com. Regarding your summary, please download and complete the workshop proposal form that may be found in the presentation and documents section below. Final presentations should not exceed 7 power point slides and should be concise and factual. Please, don't use busy slides, too many graphics or pics and consider that every slide should not use more than 6 bullet points per slide. The main point of your presentation is to briefly inform about the project/initiative and encourage participation, questions and overall discussion.


This workshop is all about networking. A few selected speakers will set the scene with a 15 minute presentation and the rest of the programme will be dedicated to roundtable discussions and networking purposes.


Please, direct all queries to the above events@eurodyn.com. The event coordinators will assist you promptly.


Time ePractice workshop: Open Source: Its place in a cross-border environment
Albert Borschette Conference Centre, New Room:  AB - 4B,
36 Rue Froissart, B- 1040 Brussels
9:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:10 Strategic views on Collaboration
10:10-10:25 Opening speech
OSOR.eu website presentation
Panagiotis Rentzepopoulos, EUROPEAN DYNAMICS S.A.
 Open Source Licensing
10:25-10:40 The EUPL – Impact on sharing (e)Government software in Europe
Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz, Unisys
10:40-10:55 FLOSS Licences Compatibility Issues
Philippe Laurent, CRID & MVVP
 Open Source Interoperability
10:55-11:10 The SLA approach in open source quality improvement in products & projects realization and in services supply through an effective OSS measuring and monitoring platform.
Davide Dalle Carbonare, Engineering Group
11:10-11:25 OSEPA (Open Source Software for European Public Administrations): Towards a more efficient Europe
Cristina Gallardo Rey, The Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology in Extremadura
11:25-11:40 Coffee Break & Networking
 Open Source Interoperability
11:40-11:55 CIAO (Cloud, Interoperability, Accessibility and Opennes) in public administrations
Flavia Marzano, Una Rete
11:55-12:10 OpenPublic, The Open Source Solution for Governments
Ivo Radulovski, Open Source Experts at the Chamber of Commerce in Austria
12:10-12:55 Debate 1: Interoperability in OSS solutions and impact of licensing compatibility issues
12:55-13:55 Lunch Break
 Open Source for Public Administrations: Good practice
13:55-14:10 Open Source Software Adoption for Public Sector with Real Options approach
Androklis Mavridis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
14:10-14:25 Status of open source business in Argentina and some known success stories in the Federal Government
Daniel Coletti, XTECH
14:25-14:40 Pan european deployment of an Open Source VoIP (voice over IP) solution for EURid
Jacques Gripekoven, Eyepea - Open Source VoIP Solutions

Introducing Open Source solutions in Nordic municipalities

Mikael Torp, Vaasa University of Applied Science  & Olle Eriksson, UmeÃ¥ University

14:55-15:05 Coffee Break & Networking
 Open Source for Public Administrations: Good practice
15:05-15:20 Qualipso Competence Centres
Matteo Melideo, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.
15:20-15:35 SPOCS: How to create an active and sustainable community in OSOR
Ana Karla A. de Medeiros, SPOCS
15:35-15:50 Transferring open source know how from industry projects to  the public sector – a one year retrospective
Thomas Biskup, OpenSAGA Initiative
15:50-16:40 Debate 2: Good practice and innovation in the use of OSS by public administrations
16:40-16:55 Conclusions
16:55-17:30 Networking

How to get there


Albert Borschette Conference Centre, Room change: AB 4B (Please make a note of the above room change from AB 1C to AB 4B)


36 Rue Froissart, B- 1040 Brussels

Presentation and Documents
Presentation and Documents

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