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practice ePractice workshop: "eInclusion days-Digital Literacy"

ePractice workshop: "eInclusion days-Digital Literacy"

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Submitted by: Vassilia Orfanou (European Dynamics, S.A.)
Location: Brussels (Belgium)
Date: 12 October 2010

Basic info

Expected participants:
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The Digital Literacy community announces the organisation of a workshop on October 12, 2010 in Brussels. This workshop will aim to encourage the sharing of good practice in the area of digital competences of intermediaries and social actors working in the field of economic, social and/or digital inclusion of groups at risk of exclusion such as the elderly, disabled, migrants, youth, unemployed and low educated people.

In addition, the workshop aims to identify and disseminate: ICT-enabled solutions (training, resources, tools, etc) for digital competences of social inclusion actors; good practices and current research carried out in this area; initiatives and funding programmes at local, national or European level.

Therefore, the focus will be on the necessity to improve the accessibility of ICT products and services by intermediaries and social actors and its application to their jobs.

The topics expected to be raised at the workshop include:

  • Carers' digital literacy and targeted online training and job support
  • Intermediaries training/eLearning on digital competences and eInclusion
  • ICT tools and e-Skills to support end users looking for a job
  • ICT enabled acquisition of management and operational competences

Particular attention should be paid to two main categories of social inclusion actors/ intermediaries who support groups at risk of social exclusion or needing support (e.g. dependent people, elderly, migrants, youngsters in difficulty, unemployed, lowly educated):

a) social inclusion actors/ intermediaries providing care and assistance to the referred social groups;

b) social inclusion actors/ intermediaries facilitating the learning, skilling and/or employability of the referred social groups.

Who should attend?

The workshop is open to public and private social care organisations, digital training institutions, NGOs and "third sector" organisations working in the field of eInclusion or social inclusion, researchers, ICT developers and others involved or interested in the topics indicated above.

Call for presentations:

Those interested in speaking should register to the workshop and submit  an original and concise proposal, which should be based on one or more real cases (see call for participation in the section 'presentations & documents' below), by September 13, 2010.

Potential speakers are encouraged to submit the case(s) of their presentation to the ePractice case repository (http://www.epractice.eu/en/cases), if this has not been done yet.

All proposals for presentations should be submitted to events@eurodyn.com with a copy to vassilia.orfanou@eurodyn.com. Accepted formats of presentation submission are: .ppt and .pdf. To register for this event, prior registration to ePractice is required at http://www.epractice.eu/en/user/register, with subsequent registration to this workshop.

Important deadlines:

  • Submission of draft presentations by September 13, 2010
  • Speaker confirmation by September 29, 2010
  • Submission of final presentations by October 7, 2010



eInclusion days-Digital Literacy

European Commission, DG Information Society and Media – 0/54
Avenue de Beaulieu 33, Brussels, 1160
9:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:30 Welcome and Introduction
«Digital Agenda for Europe»
Paul Timmers, European Commission
DG Information Society and Media
10:30-10:45 New skills for new jobs
Godelieve Van Den Brande, DG EAC, European Commission
10:45-11:05 Setting the scene
Clara Centeno and Gabriel Rissola, JRC, IPTS, European Commission
11:05-11:20 The Digital Literacy ePractice Community
George Kolomvos, ED
ICT and Training of Carers
11:20-11:35 Getting Migrant Carers on-line
Andrea Schmidt, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research
11:35-11:50 FEPEM (France)
Timothée Fechner, FairValue
11:50-12:05 Cuidadoras en Red (Spain)
Trinidad Carrion, University of Malaga
12:05-12:20 Aspasia and Care Talents (Italy)
Federico Boccaletti, Anziani e non solo società  cooperativa
12:20-12:35 HFT - Home Farm Trust (UK)
Steve Barnard, HFT
12:35-13:00 1st roundtable discussion
13:00-13:45 Lunch Break
ICT and Training for Intermediaries facilitating Social and Labour Inclusion
13:45-14:00 European Vocational Education & Training for e-Inclusion Facilitators
Milvia Rastrelli, ARCI-L'Apis
14:00-14:15 Digital inclusion for social cohesion
Fiona Fanning, ECDL Foundation
14:15-14:30 Surfing to the Job - Digital Opportunities on the Labour Market (Germany)
Susanne Bernsmann, Stiftung Digitale Chancen
14:30-14:45 2nd roundtable discussion
14:45-15:00 Coffee Break
ICT and Training for Intermediaries managing and implementing Social initiatives
15:00-15:15 INCLUSO FP7 Project
Wouter Van den Bosch, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
15:15-15:30 The FLEXI Project, electronic tools for real-time management of extra-UE citizens work for Italy,
Grazia Strano, Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs- DG Technological Innovation
15:30-15:45 Circuit Riders (UK)
Sarah Lord Soares, LASA
15:45-16:00 3rd roundtable discussion
16:00-16:30 Conclusions & Recommendations:
European Commission

How to get there


European Commission


Avenue de Beaulieu 33 0/54, Brussels 1160

Presentation and Documents
Presentation and Documents

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