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eGovernment at ePractice

Transformational government, or eGovernment, covers a wide range of public services that are reorganized and improved using Information and Communication Technologies.

ePractice gathers specific news, events, cases and key documents focused on eGovernment. In addition, a summary of the eGovernment situation in every country is compiled in the factsheets.

Users interested in closer cooperation can join a community.

In addition to ePractice, other Commission services are also oriented to eGovernment. With the Ministerial Declaration 2007 as the key policy document, the official web sites for eGovernment at the European Commission are http://ec.europa.eu/egovernment and http://ec.europa.eu/idabc.

Synergy is a quarterly magazine that offers an updated summary of the key developments in the area, while the eGovernment bi-monthly newsletter brings news about Commission related activities and latest developments in the eGovernment field. Other Commission web-sites concerning good practice sharing for eGovernment are semic.eu and the Open-Source repository (osor.eu).

Two large scale pilots are launched this year to demonstrate the interoperability of electronic procurement systems and the pan-European recognition of electronic identities. Communities around these topics have been set up on ePractice.

An additional area of activity covers the eParticipation, trying to make legislation processes understandable to everyone and to stimulate user involvement based on social networking and Web2.0 type tools.

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