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practice Acceptance of Virus Radar

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Acceptance of Virus Radar

Publication Date: 24 December 2009
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Topic: Electronic health records, Homecare & Telecare Services, ICT and lifestyle management, ICT for disease prevention and health promotion, ICT for patient safety
Country: Pan european
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Communicable diseases are a perplexing problem in the operation of healthcare facilities. We outline the advantages of an automated warning system that inhibits the spread of infectious agents. The User Device is based upon Wireless Local Area Network equipped mobile telephones. Acceptability of the virus radar User Device and the associated Contagion Vigilance Service was investigated. A survey was distributed describing the Device and Service, and the functions of an operational system, including warnings of contagion risks and privacy protection methods. Fifty-nine persons, both employees and patients, indicated their willingness to pay and their status. The most representative individual was willing to pay € 50 a month for the Service and € 150 for the Device, out of a monthly salary of €300. Many persons with lower education/income responded inconsistently, indicating poor understanding. These persons tended to respond with lower values, which, however, still indicated a substantial willingness to pay. Thus, we conclude that acceptability will be high, particularly among those with higher education/income.


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