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practice eGovernment Factsheet - Slovakia - National Infrastructure

eGovernment Factsheet - Slovakia - National Infrastructure

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Posting Date
28 May 2014
Last Edited Date
28 May 2014

Main eGovernment infrastructure components

Last updated: April 2014


Central Public Administration Portal (CPAP)

The Central Public Administration Portal (CPAP), under the administration of the Slovak Government Office and operated by the National Agency for Networking and Electronic Services (NASES), provides a central and unified access to information resources and services of public administration. Among the most important tasks of the portal include directing the interested party to use a particular eGovernment service of relevant information sources.

informatizacia.sk: Information Society Division's portal

The Information Society Division, operating under the Ministry of Finance as the key government body responsible for the information society, launched the 'informatizacia.sk' portal in 2007 with the aim to provide comprehensive information on the strategies, legislation, standardisation and other activities concerned with the information society.

Portals of public authorities

The administration section and self-government portals belong to the respective administrators. Administration section and self-government portals provide more detailed information and may enable the performance of transaction services within the relevant special agendas.

Ministry of Justice legislation portal

The portal offers search capabilities for documents at various stages of the legislative process based on user-selected criteria. It monitors, archives and retrieves material of a legislative nature during the legislative process. By virtue of the portal, public institutions, citizens and organisations are able to transparently monitor the legislative process. These registered users are also given the opportunity to actively participate in the legislative process (through individual or collective comments).

CSIRT.SK (Computer Security Incident Response Team)

The main task of the portal is to present basic information about the unit CSIRT.SK and its working agenda. It provides the possibility of reporting the incidents and vulnerabilities relating to security of computer and communication technologies; it also creates a space for progressive services of the unit CSIRT.SK.



GovNet is a project aimed at building a physical network among Public Administration bodies, which was launched in the early 1990s. Govnet provides the public administration with services such as encrypted eCommunication, helpdesk, supervision, webhosting, antispam and antivirus protection.


eID card

Since 1 December 2013 the Ministry of Interior started to issue eID card for citizens as a means of identification and authentication of individuals within the domains of eGovernment and possibly other areas from public and private services. The new eID card in credit card format replaces the existing national identity card and includes the optional electronic signature functionality. By utilising a microchip, the card provides an online authentication functionality, applicable to eGovernment transactions. Data from the eID card will technically be read only with the consent of the citizen with the security code and attaching the eID card to the card reader.


The JIFO initiative has created new personal unique identifiers for citizens using cryptographic algorithms and will be used within all sectors of applications (SIFO).


Information System of Electronic Public Procurement (EVO)

eProcurement in Slovakia is managed by the Office for Public Procurement. The system of eProcurement (EVO) covers only some procedures and phases of procurement (preparation, planning, eNotification, and partially eTendering and eAwarding). EVO integrates several electronic systems dedicated to each sub-phase. Currently, EVO supports the eSubmission of tenders for above and below the limit contracts regarding open and restricted procedures. In 2009, a feasibility study for the improvement of eProcurement services and the extension of these eServices on all procedures categories was developed. The implementation of the national project will continue until 2014.

The general objectives of the national project on eProcurement are as follows:

  • build a new fully-integrated information system for collecting data based on Web services and data processing;
  • complete, expand and possibly upgrade the Information System of Electronic Public Procurement (EVO) to support all phases of the contract award stage, particularly phases of the evaluation;
  • develop a consistent and highly accessible website for the Office for Public Procurement/publishing portal of the Office;
  • support the conceptual view of the activities related to public procurement.

The implementation of the national project will continue until 2014.

Knowledge Management

Slovak Library-Project KIS3G

Public libraries offer the possibility to search for a specific title and to make an electronic reservation, or to obtain an electronic copy. The National Slovak Library portal enables access to libraries in Slovakia that can search for a specific title and reserve it electronically. The portal has been developed under the national project KIS3G by the Ministry of Culture, and it is open to all libraries interested in participating.

Currently, there are 28 libraries involved. For online searching in catalogues, users do not need any authentication. For electronic reservation and obtaining an electronic copy, users have to provide a user name and a password that is issued by the respective library following registration and ID check. A detailed description on how to search and reserve a title is available. Furthermore, it is possible to extend a title via telephone, or the Internet.



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