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    Great project, with whom are you working together in Belgium?

    09 March 2010 | 2493 Visits | Rating: 3.5 (maximum:5)

    I've been following the proceedings of Caalyx with great interest.

    The project is mentioned in two of my presentations as examples with great mhealth potential.



    I was wondering with which firms the project is working together in Belgium.

    Thank you for your answer.

    15 March 2010

    Thanks Bart!

    Thanks Bart for the comments.

    I have also enjoyed and found interesting the project for some years. You know it continues in two initiatives eCaalyx and Caalyx-mv.

    Let me inform that closest partner is based in Germany. Apart from direct links partners such as Corscient might have in Belgium, as far as I know there's no direct relationship with Belgium.

    If any further information or help were needed, please, don't hesitate to reply.

    Sorry for late answer!


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