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practice Is this the place for suggestions how to improve epractice?

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Is this the place for suggestions how to improve epractice?

11 May 2010 | 140 Visits | Rating: No votes

It should be, looking at the community name.

But then, the latest news is from September 2008, which could indicate that this community has long been abandoned. Discussion may have moved to a livelier place. If so, where should I turn?

Just in case anyone in charge of running epractice.eu still has his or her ear cocked in this direction:

By far the most important issue for epractice is SPEED, or better, lack thereof. Need I explain the issue? No, since you are here, you probably experience the same interminable waits for most actions to take effect.

It makes me wonder that such a significant communal effort is hampered by what is surely an easily solveable problem from a technical point of view - just move the platform to faster servers.

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Continuity and Speed

25 May 2010 | 351 Visits | Rating: No votes

Dear Detlev,
this community is dedicated to ePractice users who can post their comments on ePractice. We preferred to use the blog over the news, where you can see more frequent and recent activity. For improving ePractice we rely on the comments by users, so we are thankful for your comment on the speed issue. I will forward your comment to the technically responsible and hope you will be able to enjoy ePractice again in the near future.


16 June 2010 | 388 Visits | Rating: No votes

Dear Detlev,
During last days some actions have been carried out in order to improve the portal performance. It seems the results are quite positive and we will really appreciate your feedback about this matter.
Best regards.

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