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eGovMoNet [eGovernment Monitor Network]

Are you interested in the measurement eGovernment in Europe? Is your organisation involved in the analysis of eGovernment? The European Observatories Network has evolved to eGovMoNet [eGovernment Monitor Network]. Our community is stronger today and with this transformation we focus our efforts on solid and clear objectives. Find out more here in the portal and join our community!

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Efficiency & Effectiveness, Benchmarking.

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Latest Members to join

  • ofotiou's picture

    Olga Fotiou

    Information Society S.A.
    Member since: 18 Feb 2014
  • AnnaWhite's picture

    Anna White

    Writers associations
    North America
    Member since: 20 Nov 2013
  • amfmateus's picture

    Alexandre Mateus

    European Commission
    Member since: 4 Jul 2013
  • ralluf's picture

    Raluca Frunza

    Faculty of Law Maastricht University
    Member since: 24 Nov 2011
  • milman's picture

    milan maric

    S&T Montenegro
    Member since: 8 Jul 2011
  • ajda's picture

    Alev Ajda

    Deloitte Consulting
    Member since: 7 Oct 2011

Community Facilitators

  • Juliane Jarke's picture

    Juliane Jarke

    Lancaster University Management School
    United Kingdom
    Member since: 28 Jan 2007
  • mikaels's picture

    Mikael Snaprud

    Tingtun AS / Universitetet i Agder
    Member since: 3 Jun 2007
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