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Digital literacy

Welcome to the online community on digital literacy, aimed at bringing together experts, researchers, practitioners and intermediaries working or participating on projects and initiatives in this field of interest.

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Digital literacy and competences, ICT and community development.

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Community Facilitators

  • Vassilia's picture

    Vassilia Orfanou

    European Dynamics, S.A.
    Member since: 22 Apr 2009
  • Giorgio Mongiat's picture

    Giorgio Mongiat

    European Commission
    EU Institutions
    Member since: 5 May 2010
  • clara.centeno@cec.eu.int's picture

    Clara Centeno

    European Commission JRC - Institute for Prospective Technological Studies
    EU Institutions
    Member since: 3 Nov 2003
  • AMS's picture

    Anna Maria Sansoni

    European Commission
    Member since: 9 Feb 2009
  • giorgioz's picture

    Giorgio Zoia

    European Commission
    Member since: 10 Mar 2010
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