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practice ADD ME! Activating drivers for digital empowerment in Europe

ADD ME! Activating drivers for digital empowerment in Europe

ADD ME! is a pan european network bringing together into a common framework and learning environment the institutional organizations that support groups in becoming major beneficiaries of public services to which they are entitled. The intent of the CoP assumes that recognition of knowledge on issues not yet well-knownis a critical asset that needs to be managed strategically. The implementation of a process of permanent “learning organizations", in a context of modernization of services, involves a challenge of giving-up self-referentiality. The CoP will bring together practitioners implementing their skills through a collective approach, useful for improving their performances. The apprenticeship will become a model of capacity building. It has three main features: to be a member implies a commitment to the domain, in this case on the theme of inclusive e-government, and a shared competence that distinguishes each member. The network will enhance innovative forms to address the excluded by promoting “horizontal subsidiarity”, where citizens themselves are stimulate to plan their initiatives, supported by the public administrations providing them means for the start-up. The membership in the community implies to build a relationship meanwhile sharing information and interacting. The opening to the outside as well as partnerships between institutions, which occur in a sort of educational conversation, can provide a continuous auto-update between peers and experience specific languages used in different domain and homogenize them. The practice aims to develop a shared repertoire of resources: workshops carried-out to engage intermediaries wanting to share their experiences, look at others best practices, develop new methodologies and services for policies and actions, reusing assets and synergies. The initial effort of knowledge management begins with developing strategic capabilities: autonomy, practitioner-orientation, informality, crossing boundaries competences. With the increase of connections emerges the need to provide high-value and offer learning opportunities.

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High Impact Services with Pan-European Scope, Inclusive eGovernment, Multi-channel Delivery, Services for Citizens, User-centric Services.

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  • Eirini.S's picture

    Eirini Souri

    University of Edinburgh
    United Kingdom
    Member since: 14 May 2009
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    Barbara Chicca

    CATTID "Sapienza" University of Rome
    Member since: 24 Feb 2010
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    Evika Karamagioli

    Member since: 7 Aug 2006
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    andrea riccio

    CATTID "Sapienza" University of Rome
    Member since: 20 Apr 2010
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    Lorenzo Orlando

    CATTID- "Sapienza" University of Rome
    Member since: 24 Feb 2010
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