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The main aim of the Community is to initiate discussions, raise questions and search for solutions concerning new ways in which public services can be delivered so that they contribute towards building and maintaining more inclusive societies. The Community is initiated by the research study 'MC-eGov: Study on Multi-channel Delivery Strategies and Sustainable Business Models for Public Services Addressing Socially Disadvantaged Groups' commissioned by the EC. The overall aim of the study is to produce a Common European Framework for inclusive eGovernment. Here you will find main project documents and Think Papers on the critical issues (in Shared Reources), national flagship projects produced by the Members of the Inclusive eGovernment ad-hoc Group of National Experts (in Highlighted Cases), about 20 project case studies, information about the workshops (in Blog Posts) and final deliverables. We are carrying out a literature review, strategic consultations with key players, holding three workshop events (in May, 4-5 November 2008 and February 2009) etc. By Inclusive eGovernment we mean proactively addressing people's life challenges, through organisational and financial re-engineering, underpinned by technology: using it creatively to solve social exclusion problems and at the same time achieve public policy goals. Multi-channel approaches in particular (the capacity to deliver services via a range of online and physical channels including web, land line, mobile, post, face-to-face), have a strong contribution to make to Inclusive eGovernment, by allowing citizens to choose how they interact with government. Crucially, such approaches must be based on sound and sustainable business models, and are often most successful at local level and where local actors such as private and third sector organisations work in partnership with government. The challenge is to find practical ways to make this work. Please share your thoughts and experiences! More information about the study can be found here: http://www.mcegov.eu/.


Policy, Regional and Local, User-centric Services, Multi-channel Delivery, Efficiency & Effectiveness, Benchmarking, Interoperability, Services for Citizens, Inclusive eGovernment.


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